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Full name: Dmitri Garcia Aloysius Jegels; Father, brother, lifelong student, radio announcer, entrepreneur, media consultant, language practitioner, patron of the arts, klawerjas player, errant poet.

Matriculated: Livingstone High School.
Graduate: University of the Western Cape – BA (Language and Communication) Summa Cum Laude, 2007. BA (Hons) (Linguistics) Cum Laude, 2008, MA (Linguistics), 2011.
Current studies: PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics, UWC.
Co-founder of the former Manenberg’s Jazz Café.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Zahur Survé said

    Dear Dimitri

    I have a long memory — nearly photographic, or in this case it should be phonographic!

    I have a favour to ask you. Its probably been a long time since you heard/played this song, could you please think back a few years…here’s my question for you.

    Many many years ago when you were still with GHFM, you played a song one day that introduced me to the Brand New Heavies and acid jazz.

    It was a song called Never Stop by the BNH. And after that, I started listening to BNH, Jamiroquai and Incognito. Kudo’s for that. I still do!

    There are a few versions floating around of this song. However the version you played at the time is a version I have not been able to find. And its been bugging me for many years! Strange request I know because its been so long. But if you know the song well, at the chorus when N’dea Davenport sings: “True there aint a minute in the the day that’s without you”, the producer/band brings a HORN section (trumpets probably) into the song. I know this is a long shot but if you can remember which version or edit of Never Stop you will bring an end to a search lasting since 1994!!!
    Its a version of Never Stop with BRASS/trumpets in them.

    I heard it once again on the radio 2 years ago on an internet station, called them up, left msges, and emails…they didnt call me back.

    I’m a former dj at UCT radio…Randall Abrahams and Mark Gillman are old friends and we still connect when I visit CT (I live in Toronto now). And you;d think living here would give me greater access…not really! Its a rare version of that tune, and the only other person I know of who heard it is the person who introduced me to acid jazz all those years ago — you. I hope you might remember that track.

    If you get a chance to listen to the new Jamiroquai cd, ‘Fast Persuader’ is very old skool…my favourite track on the new cd. Killer bass and cool sax/trumpet solo’s. Not bad 🙂

  2. p said

    …..knew you would be someone “big ” one day 😉 . Thanks for the memories !!!

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