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Stroud, C., and Jegels, D. 2014. Semiotic landscapes and mobile narrations of place: performing the local. IJSL 2014; 228: 179 – 199

Abstract: In this article, we explore some of the practices and mechanisms behind
the multiple constructions of place and its meanings, focusing specifically
on the diverse ways in which signage is read and incorporated into personal narratives
of place. We employ a methodology of narrated walking that allows insights
into how our informants actively construct the significance of local place as
they navigate and move through space, and that also illustrates how signage discourses
are enacted, performed, disputed and elaborated in local performativities
of place. The article concludes by drawing out some implications for research
on semiotic landscapes generally, and offers some suggestions on what such an
approach to semiotic landscapes might contribute to a politics of local civility by
taking into consideration how signage mediates local interpersonal relationships,
the situated social dynamics of multivocality and, ultimately, the contesting
lives of multiple publics.
Keywords: semiotic landscapes, transmodality, multivocality, mobile performance


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